Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tūmapūhia-ā-Rangi ki Wairarapa


Following a decision at a Special General  Meeting on 13 May 2018, the Rūnanga of Ngāi Tūmapūhia a Rangi has established a working group of four Hapū members to carry out a short-term project which is to prepare and submit to the Waitangi Tribunal, an application for the resumption order for Ngāumu Forest

The four members are:  Mark Chamberlain (Rūnanga Trustee & Chair for the project)  Barbara Cameron, Connie Oneroa and Sue Taylor (all registered Rūnanga members) and Brian Emery co-opted for his expertise to support the kaupapa.


On-Account Redress:

15 August 2017

The Crown has approved an On-Account redress of 20% of the settlement quantum and the next step is for the Deed of On-Account to be executed which allows for the payment to be processed. 

The Deed of On-Account was finalised on August 9th 2017, and submitted for consideration and approval to the NKKWTNAR Trustees. The Trustees approved the Deed of On-Account at the NKKWTNAR Trust meeting held on Monday 14th August 2017 and the payment of $18.6million will be forwarded to the PSGE within 10 working days.

signing the On-Account document
(Left to Right: Hayden Hape (Deputy Chair), Rex Hemi, and
Ian Perry (Chair) signing the On-Account document).


Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE)

With the AIP signed (7 May 2016), the NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa Tamaki Nui a Rua (NKKWTNAR) Trustees are working towards a Deed of Settlement, which will hopefully be presented for ratification in the first half of 2017.  In preparation, a PSGE needs to be established to receive and manage assets and represent NKKWTNAR in any post settlement relationship redress.  Please find below agreed parameters of the Crown’s criteria for a PSGE, and the Trust’s proposed PSGE structuring principals.

NKKWTNAR’s proposed PSGE structuring principals include that the entity be:
· Consistent with ti¯kanga
· Affordable
· Simple
· Representative
· Accountable
· Flexible
· Able to generate income
· Able to return benefits to members

The Crown’s criteria for recognising a PSGE are that it:.
· Represents all members of NKKWTNAR
· Has transparent decision-making and dispute resolution procedures;
· Be fully accountable to the whole of NKKWTNAR; and
· Provide that the beneficiaries of the settlement and the beneficiaries of the PSGE are identical when the

PSGE Structure

Hui held around the rohe, and feedback received, made it clear that one key issue was how people would be elected as representatives on the PSGE.  Over 90% of submissions favoured the status quo – the existing hapukaranga structure which is made up of nine hapukaranga represented by twelve Trustees.  This structure was approved by the Crown and elections are on the basis of hapukaranga as follows:
· Akura – One (1) Trustee
· Tamaki nui a Rua – Four (4) Trustees
· Te Ore Ore Marae – One (1) Trustee
· Hurunui-o-Rangi Marae – One (1) Trustee
· Papawai Marae – One (1) Trustee
· TeHika o PapaumakiWhakataki Marae – One (1) Trustee
· NgaiTumapuhia-a-Rangi – One (1) Trustee
· WairarapaMoana – One (1) Trustee
· NgatiHinewaka – One (1) Trustee

nga hapu karanga

Ratification Process & Elections

With acceptance of the PSGE structure, the ratification process can begin.  There are two (2) resolutions you are being asked to vote on and these are:
Resolution One: I, as a member, of NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua, agree that the NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua Settlement Trust will be the post-settlement governance entity to receive and manage all the historical Treaty of Waitangi settlement redress on behalf of NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua.
Resolution Two: I, as a member, of NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua, agree that the NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua Settlement Trust will take over the mandate to negotiate for the settlement of NgatiKahungunukiWairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua  historical claims.

Information booklets and voting forms are being posted out to each registered person by the independent Returning Officer.  Voting can be either:
· Postal
· By secure ballot at one of the ratification hui, or
· Via internet

All voting closes 4pm on 27 November 2016, at the conclusion of the Special General Meeting (Postal votes marked before 27 November and received by 5pm 30 November will be counted. 

Hui will be held around the rohe during the election period to ensure you are informed in person and have the opportunity to ask questions about the PSGE and ratification process.  Dates and venues are outlined below:






Thur 17 Nov 2016

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga

821 Orchard Street, Hastings


Fri 18 Nov 2016

Tararua Business Network

40 Denmark Street, Dannevirke


Mon 21 Nov 2016

James Cook Hotel

147 The Terrace, Wellington


Tues 22 Nov 2016

Copthorne Hotel Auckland City

150 Anzac Avenue, Auckland


Wed 23 Nov 2016

The Ambassador Hotel

86 Ulster Street, Hamilton CBD, Hamilton


Thur 24 Nov 2016

Pouakani Marae

Lake Road, Mangakino


Fri 25 Nov 2016

The Commodore Hotel

449 Memorial Avenue, Christchurch


Sun 27 Nov 2016

Waiata House

27 Lincoln Road, Masterton


Where to find further information:

The PSGE Booklet outlines in detail, the proposed structure for the Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa-Tamaki nui a Rua Settlement Trust (“NKKWTNAR Settlement Trust”), a private trust with subsidiaries to undertake both commercial and iwi development activities.  The NKKWTNAR Settlement Trust will be responsible for completing the settlement negotiations with the Crown, administering the settlement and, through its subsidiaries, the commercial, social and cultural development of NKKWTNAR.  The booklet also details the voting process, and explains what effect it will have if it is passed and discusses the next steps.

You can obtain copies of this booklet and the full draft Trust Deed from the NKKWTNAR Trust website: www.kkwtnr.org.nz/  Copies will also be available at:
· The Trust office, 189 Queen Street (Rear), MASTERTON
· The Kahungunu ki Tamaki Nui a Rua Trust office, 171 High Street, DANNEVIRKE
· Te Puni Kokiri office, Hastings: Taikura House, 304 Fitzroy Avenue, HASTINGS
· Te Puni Kokiri office, Palmerston North: 109 Princess Street, Palmerston North
· Each of the ratification hui

Hapu Karanga PSGE Presentation - August 2016

Click here to view (PDF file)

The Claims Journey

Whakapapa – te haerenga – The claims Journey for Ngati Kahungunu Ki Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua

10 September 2009
Minister writes to Ngati Kahungunu Claims Leadership Group

Hon Christopher Finlayson  wrote to the Ngati Kahungunu Claims Leadership Group acknowledging progress made in mandate preparations
Finlayson noted 29 September 2008 that Dr Michael Cullen, then Min for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations recognised Ngati Kahungunu as a large natural group. 

Waitangi Tribunal Report 26 June 2010

Waitangi Tribunal releases its report on the inquiry into the district it has named Wairarapa ki Tararua;
The Tribunal grouped the issues in the 17 statements of claim into six main divisions:

  • The relationship between the Crown and Maori from 1840 to 1875 with particular emphasis on the pre-1865 Crown purchases
  • The relationship between the Crown and Maori from 1865 to 19000with particular emphasis on native land laws, the Native Land Court, Crown and private purchases, and political responses of Maori to these matters
  • Non Agragrian resources and the environment with particular emphasis on the Wairarapa moana (lakes Wairarapa and Onoke), rivers, the foreshore and seabed, and environmental management and degradation
  • The loss of land and resources in the twentieth century, with a particular emphasis on the impact of that loss and the question of what was sufficient
  • The management of heritage sites of cultural significance, the environment, the coast, and the taking of land for public purposes, whether by central or local authorities
  • Issues specific to particular groups and whanau not covered in items 1 to 5.1

Waitangi Tribunal Report 2010 (pg 1075)

WAI 429
Notes: This claim is a hapu claim.  Ngai Tumapuhiarangi like the Ngati Hinewaka claim it covers issues of a generic nature that related specifically to the lands and resources of this hapu in the Wairarapa area from the beginning of contact between Maori and the Crown  up to the present day
Claim document prepared by Tamatekapua Law

Nga Hapu Karanga Pg 1073

Nga Hapu Karanga was a large cluster of claims and claimants mainly affiliated to Ngati Kahungunu - covered alleged breaches of the Crown at iwi level throughout the whole period of Crown Maori engagement (11 claimant groups)

October 2012 Crown recognises Deed of Mandate

Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua has the authority  to represent and promote the specific interests of all Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua during negotiations of a settlement

Note: the Ngati Kahungunu Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua Trust is legally mandated to act on behalf of all claimant groups as a recognised collective in negotiations. 
Crown recognised the Deed of Mandate in October 2012

The Crown will; only engage with the mandated authority. 

6 June 2013

Office of Treaty Settlements summarise the information the Crown holds regarding the quantum assessment for Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua:

  • Land loss 1,023,941 hectares
  • Nature of the Treaty breach(s) - Crown notes that its actions (rendered virtually landless by the end of 19 Century
  • Population of the claimant group today 2006 Census – 7443 affiliate to Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa & 423 to Ngati Kahungunu ki Tamakinuiarua

December 2013

Amended Deed of Trust

7 May 2016

Agreement in Principle signed in Danniverke

What is the next process

A legal structure must be in place to enable the Crown to progress and pass on assets and quantum to the claimants.

At the same time the Trust will continue to debate with the Crown and its various agencies any further opportunities that can be negotiated

At the same time the Crown will develop the legislative clause leading to legal agreement of settlement.

June 2016 Post Settlement Governance Entity PSGE

A legal structure must be in place to enable the Crown to pass on assets and quantum to the claimants.
The Crown will not pass the assets to anyone, any other group or entity.

Meetings have been arranged across hapu karanga groups

  • To identify potential representatives to be voted onto the PSGE
  • To enable registered adult members (18yrs and over) to engage and participate in the voting process.
  • Date of election of votes to the PSGE to be determined

The Crown says

The goal of settlement negotiations is to agree a redress package that settles historical Treaty grievances.
Setting up a post-settlement governance entity, or PSGE, is a critical part of the process.
Redress can only be transferred from the Crown after a PSGE is ratified and established – whether it’s an on-account transfer or the final settlement package.
(see OTS website)

The Crown also says

Redress can include cash, property, statutory acknowledgements, deeds of recognition and protocols with government departments and other agencies.

Ngati Kahungunu Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua says

Once settlement legislation has been passed, the redress will transfer to the Ngati Kahungunu Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua post settlement group (PSGE).  Legal and legislative requirements say we must have the PSGE in place. 

Agreement in Principle (Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, Tamakinui a rua)

Last Saturday 7 May 2016, Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamakinuiarua signed its Agreement in Principle (AIP) with the Crown at the Danniverke Town Hall in Danniverke.

The Minister of Treaty Settlements confirmed some of the extensive redress items and these have been reproduced below:

Financial Redress:

  • $93 million
  • Interest from date of signing AIP (approximately $6.4 million by Settlement Date) 

Commercial Properties:

  • 70% of Ngaumu Forest Land and accumulated rentals (ARs – approx. $10.3 million at October 2016)
  • (Appendix 2)
  • Landcorp Farms “continued engagement”
  • Deferred selection over 27 OTS Landbank properties (Appendix 3)
  • Deferred selection sale and leaseback of 5 Min Edu properties (Appendix 4)
  • Right of First Refusal over 105 properties (Appendix 5)

The Crown also offers the opportunity to explore redress over the following properties:

  • Ex-Castlepoint School;
  • Ex-Akitio School; and
  • The Whareama property (being Section 983 Whareama District) the quantum agreed to with the Crown

Specific redress, natural resources redress and relationship redress.

The NKKWTNAR site specific cultural redress comprises:

  • Gifting of 21 cultural redress sites (889.22 ha) (Appendices 6 & 7)
  • Gifting 90% of Wairarapa Moana lakebed plus exclusive vesting of surrounding reserves – 7,186.4ha(6,258.6ha lakebed plus 928.2ha of dry land) (Appendices 6 & 7)
  • 1 Overlay classification (Appendix 8)
  • 9 Deeds of Recognition (Appendix 9)
  • 9 Statutory Acknowledgements (Appendix 9)

The Crown also offers the opportunity to explore redress over:

  • a statutory acknowledgement over the coast within the Ngati Kahungunu area of interest; and
  • a statutory acknowledgement over the area known as Allen’s Bush which adjoins Lowe’s Bush Scenic Reserve;

and the following Wellington Regional Council properties:

  • Remutaka Summit; and
  • Takaputao property, adjacent to Lake Wairarapa; and
  • Exchanging a cultural redress property for area adjacent to the salt marsh at Lake Onoke within the LakeWairarapa Wetland Conservation Area.

Approximate area of land to be returned:

  • Ngaumu Forest 10,314 ha
  • Other Commercial Properties 45.66 ha3
  • Cultural Redress Properties (not inc WairarapaMoana)889.22 ha
  • Wairarapa Moana 7,186.4ha (6,258.6ha lakebed plus928.2ha of dry land)

Total (approx) 18,435.28 ha

The signing took place in the Danniverke Town Hall.

The Crown party which included the Minister of Treaty Settlements was significantly well represented by Government officials from Office of Treaty Settlement, Ministry for the Environment, Historic Places Trust, Department of Conservation, and local body representatives and a host of other organisations.

The next body of work for the Trust is working towards is establishing a Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE) and the members of this group will manage the assets downloaded from the Crown.

Initialled Deed of Settlement (IDOS) and Legislation

The final piece of the long journey is the initialled Deed of Settlement (IDOS) and legislation via Parliament. 

For further information see:

Announcement of Result of Hui-a-Iwi to Ratify Agreement in Principle

On Saturday 23 April 2016 188 members of Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamaki Nui-a-Rua voted on the ratification of the Agreement in Principle at a Hui-a-Iwi and out of these, 87% voted yes to the question:

"Do you accept the proposed AIP package and agree that the Trustees of the NKKWTNAR Trust sign the Agreement in Principle on behalf of NKKWTNAR?"

The Trustees and the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, the Hon Christopher Finlayson, will now sign the Agreement in Principle at Dannevirke Town Hall on 7 May 2016. All members of Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamaki Nui-a-Rua are invited to attend the signing. Members of Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamaki Nui-a-Rua who wish to sign the Agreement in Principle in support of the settlement can also do so on the day. Details of the signing are included on the panui below:

**F.R.E.E. TRANSPORT PROVIDED** to the Signing of the AIP - Saturday 07 May 2016 - Dannevirke

8.00am - Meet at Tranzit Bus Terminal, Queen St, Masterton
8.30am - Leave Masterton

RE: Signing of the AIP - Saturday 07 May 2016 - Dannevirke

8.00am - Meet at Tranzit Bus Terminal, Queen St, Masterton
8.30am - Leave Masterton

9.15am approx. - Bus Stop, Main St, Pahiatua

Please call Michele**

If there are less than 10 bookings, this bus will not run (time to be confirmed).

Limited seating available. First in first served. No booking, no seat.
Please contact Michele on 0800 559 867 to book your seat. Office hours are Mon to Fri 09am - 5pm.
Bookings will be taken up to lunch time Friday 06 May 2016

Agreement in Principle

Tena koutou.

The proposed agreement in principle document (AIP) is now online, and the links to this documents and detailed maps are below. This document details the package that will be up for ratification by all hapu involved in this settlement. Essentially it is presented to you as the best deal the Kahungunu ki Wairarapa Tamaki nui a Rua Trust (NKKWTNAR) negotiators could secure with the Crown to address the grievances in our rohe. It will never compensate for the loss but does provide opportunities for our people to move forward into a brighter future. 

The hui to ratify this document is scheduled for Saturday 23rd April at 10.30am in the Masterton Town Hall.  So that your voice and your vote count, please register with the KKWTNAR Trust (you can register online at http://www.kkwtnr.org.nzas Tumapuhia, as only those registered are eligible to vote.

This is only the first stage of settlement, and you are still able to have your say during the next stage which is called Deed of Settlement.


Hui a Hapu

Date: Saturday 9th April 2016
Time: 1pm
Venue: Education Centre, Dixon Street, MASTERTON (next to Parkview Motors)


  • Karakia Timata
  • Mihi
  • Apologies
  • Agreement in Principal (AIP)
  • Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE)
  • Karakia Whakamutunga

Please confirm your attendance, or send apologies to ngaitumapuhiaarangi@xtra.co.nz by 6th April 2016.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Summary of Agreement in Principal

Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Update - as at October 2015

Trustees Meeting 12 October 2015 (PDF file)

AGM 2014 claim update (PDF file)

Chairman's report (PDF file)

Images & Rohe Information

Click here to view (Powerpoint file)

Deed Amendment - Marae Representation - as at June 2014

Click here to view (PDF file)

Hui a Hapu - May 2014

Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Update - as at February 2014

Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Update - as at November 2013

Click here to view (PDF file)

Chairman's Report - AGM 2013

Click here to view (PDF file)

KKWTNR Trust - Summary Update April 2013

Ngai Tumapuhia claims report April 2013 - Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Update - as at April 2013

Draft report - Feedback - Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Overview - as at May 2012

Overview of the Wai 429 Claim - Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Overview - as at October 2011

Updating Ngai Tumapuhiarangi (WAI 429) - Moving to Negotiations - Click here to view (PDF file)

Claim Overview - as at August 2011

Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa issue 1 - Click here to view (PDF file)

Wairarapa ki Tararua overview WAI 863 (Draft) - Click here to view (PDF file)

Claims Update - as at August 2009


On 20 April 1994, the Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi Claims Committee on behalf of Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi Hapu initiated a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal [1] pointing out that it had and has been prejudicially affected by the policies and actions of the Crown in relation to the Crown's acquisition of our traditional lands and all associated taonga. The Claims committee stated that the policies and actions by the Crown have been inconsistent with the spirit and principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The claim statement described the Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi boundaries as:

Mai i Whareama ki Tauera atu ki te Taumata o Te Hangatu, ahu atu ki te Karaka o Waimatua ki Wainuioru, ahu atu ki te Karaka o Waiatua ki Te Awhea, rere atu ki Hawerawera ki te Ngatuawa o Te Awhea, rere atu ma te takutai ki Whareama [2]

This claim was registered as WAI 429 (June 1995).

A further claim was lodged in September 2000 on behalf of Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi Claims Committee and hapu collectively and was registered as WAI 886 as at February 2001.

NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi post 2003

The detail in this report commences as at January 2003. The reason for this is that in February 2003 the claimant groups within Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi agreed to meet in mediation and form a single entity to move forward in the Wairarapa ki Tararua hearing process.

In November 2002 Judge Carrey Wainwright met with members of Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi and recommended that the hapu enter in to mediation as there were outstanding disagreements and a need to ensure that there was a consensus within the hapu to move forward within the Wairarapa ki Tararua Waitangi tribunal Hearing process.

On the 8/9 February 2003 the hapu met in Masterton and over two days arrived at an agreement to:

  • Develop a new legal representative body (Te Ropu Matua) for NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi
  • Establish a new representative body (Te Ropu Kaimahi) that will establish a the new representative body
  • Establish a new interim claims committee to for the hapu claim in the Waitangi Tribunal Hearing for Wairarapa ki Tararua.

At the same time it was agreed there would be an amalgamation of the original WAI 429 and the recently established WAI 886 under the one number WAI 429. At the same time the WAI 429. This February meeting was to be a key event for the hapu as the NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi claim would now be heard under a single claimant number WAI 429, new named claimant and supported by new legal counsel [3].

Moving into the Hearings

In December 2003 the Tribunal after hearing from legal advisors and iwi and hapu representatives agreed that individual hearings will take place and involve individual claimant groups within the Wairarapa and Tararua districts. NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi would hosts the Waitangi Tribunal at Okautete School on or about the 23 July 2004 [4].

NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi - Developing the Hapu Entity and Progressing the Claim

Following the Mediation for NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi, two work streams were managed

  • Te Ropu Whenua continued to manage the hapu claim within the Wairarapa ki Tararua Waitangi Tribunal process.
  • Te Ropu Kaimahi sets about building a representative and legal entity that would represent all hapu members.
  • Te Ropu Whenua managed the claims process until the new entity was established and registered as a Trust organisation acting on behalf of hapu members.

Developing a single entity

The development of the single entity took some time as each issue was addressed and the contents of the Trust Deed worked through. On Sunday 24 July 2005, at Okautete it was agreed to name the Trust Te Runanga o Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi ki Wairarapa [5]. On 17 August 2006 the trust deed was approved by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies and the hapu organisation is now known as Te Runanga o Ngai Tumapuhia-a-rangi ki Wairarapa.

A Proposal to Set Up an Iwi Negotiation Entity

At the time of the Tamaki nui a rua Hearing (10 May) at Makirikiri a proposal was put forward to bring the Wairarapa and Tamaki nui a rua claimant groups together to explore the possibility of forming a process that would begin moving claimants towards a Wairarapa negotiation and possible settlement process. The Wairarapa ki Tararua Strategy and Planning Group was formed with the expressed intent of leading Wairarapa claimants to negotiations with the Crown.

In May 2005, two possible models were presented

  • A single settlement that confederates the interests of Rangitane and Ngati Kahungunu, and
  • Two settlements for Rangitane and Ngati Kahungunu respectively

The Crowns position was to settle Waitangi Tribunal claims with large natural groups. However NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi saw this process as effectively marginalising its individual hapu claim and as a result it elected not to establish itself along side these proposals at that time. Te Runanga o Ngai Tumapuhia a Rangi sought to move ahead on a hapu base.

2006 Onwards

The Runanga then formed an alliance with other hapu that had the same approach. Hence the formation of the Kahungunu Alliance inclusive of Ngai Tumapuhia a Rangi, Akura, Te Hika a Papauma. Throughout 2006 to July 2008 the Alliance set about establishing its identy and structure. Hinewaka joined in 1997.

The Pouakani Inc and Moana Trust along with Nga Hapu Karanga, formed the Kahungunu Caucus and sought to negotiate the comprehensive settlement of Wairarapa Tamaki a Rua claim without the Kahungunu Alliance but were turned away by the Crown.

The Kahungunu Alliance was recognised by the Crown in 2008 as the body to seek a mandate to enter into negotiations.

The Kahungunu Alliance held a number of hui to gather in other claimants in the Wairarapa Tararua rohe - namely the Kahungunu Caucus members. This culminated in a hui held on the 16th of August 2008 whereby 10 representatives were elected to form a leadership group to progress the claims and to produce a draft mandate strategy to be presented to the iwi, at a hui a hapu when completed.

The process is still in place and ongoing.

Claims activity has intensified over the last year. Representatives have attended numerous hui with other Kahungunu hapu/marae from Wairarapa and Tamaki Nui a Rua areas, with the emphasis on "Hapu and Marae". The Kahungunu hapu collective grouping has indicatively decided on 9 hapu groupings and they are:

  • Papauma ki Wairarapa Hapu
  • Ngai Tumapuhia a Rangi ki Wairarapa Hapu
  • Papawai Marae me ona Hapu
  • Hurunui o Rangi Marae me ona Hapu
  • Tamaki nui a Rua (x 2)
  • Ngati Hine Waka
  • Te Ore Ore Marae/Hamua
  • Akura

Please note that all of the hapu above consist of many other hapu/marae of Wairarapa and Tamaki Nui a Rua.

The next crucial step in the process is to submit a deed of mandate strategy to the Office of Treaty Settlements that allows the grouping to seek the mandate from the Kahungunu Wairarapa/Tamaki Nui a Rua people around Aotearoa. This also allows the grouping to negotiate with the Crown and Rangitane on overlapping issues.

Our hapu register is crucial moving forward so please make sure you and your whanau sign up.

NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi Hapu Whakapapa [6]

NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi whakapapa as presented in brief at the Waitangi Tribunal Hearing in the first week of the Waitangi Tribunal hearings (Copthorn - week of 30 March 2004) in which claimants introduced NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi)


Te Ikaraeroa

Tumapuhia = Hine te Ao
Te Hinurewa         Rongomaiaia        Te Ikahoroiwi      Hikawera      Hikatoa


1 - Waitangi Tribunal, 20 April 1994
2 - See whakapapa of NgaiTumapuhia-a-rangi

3 - Tamatekapua Law, Auckland
4 - Also see Memorandum and Direction of Judge CM Wainwright, 9 March 2004 http://www.waitangitribunal.govt.nz/inquiries/wairarapa_inq/wairarapa_docstore.asp?category=4
5 - Replaces the earlier name, Te Ropu Matua

6 - Te Maipi Hearing, Takitimu District Minute Book 9, 12 (1888, pgs 98 and 496, 498)